Round Cake Cutting Machine with Blade Washing
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Round Cake Cutting Machine with Blade Washing

Voltage: 220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Max Power: 1.2 KW
Blade Width: 300 mm
Number of blade: 2
Product Size: 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch;
Max Effective cutting height: 80~100 mm
Product Shape: Round
Cutting Shapes: Wedge
Cutting Speed: Two products are cut at one time; 70 cuts per minute;
Warranty period: 1 Year ( Lifetime maintenance )
Suitable for: Round product only, cutting up to 360 products per hour.
Customization is available.

Product Description

This ultrasonic cutting machine can cut two round products at the same time, because it has two blades and two rotating holders. Servo motor driven moving parts make the cutting accurate and consistent. Round products could be portioned into identical pieces no matter who is operating the machine. It can cut a wide range of round products, such as frozen cheese cakes, frozen mousse cakes, ice cream cakes, sponge cakes, red velvet cakes, carrot cakes, pizza, tarts, pies and more. It is a good choice for bakeries cutting up to 350 cakes per hour. Plus, it is equipped with blade self-cleaning system for sticky products.

Main Features:

● High speed round product cutter;

● Can cut ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen (minimum -15 degrees) products;

● Non-sticky blades, neat & clean cutting surface;

● Products can be easily cut into 2~24 identical portions no matter who is operating the machine;

● Suitable for bakeries who cut 240~360 products per hour;

Cutting Patterns

Twin blades automatic round cake portion machine 6

Cutting Dispaly

Twin blades automatic round cake portion machine 7

Customer Cases


Round Cake Cutting Machine with Blade Washing Product Parameter

Machine Name

Ultrasonic food cutting machine

Machine Model


Machine Size

1500 L* 1000 W*1740 H mm

Machine Weight

390 KG


220V/50Hz ± 10%

Rated Power

1.2 KW

Knife Width

300 mm

Knife Height

127 mm

Number of blades


Blade Material

Titanium alloy

Product Size

Diameter 4~12 inch; Height 80 mm

Product Type

Frozen, strong, sticky, brittle, soft

Product Shape


Cutting Speed

Up to 70 cuts per minute

Operation Interface

Touch screen

Blade Washing

Automatic; Programmable

Machine Dimensiions (L×W×H)

Automatic chocolate Sam roll cutting machine 8

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