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[News] Cake Cutter Machine Advantage From Direct Factory
Purchasing a cake cutter machine directly from the factory offers several advantages:1. **Cost Savings**: Buying directly from the factory eliminates middlemen and their associated markups, resulting in potentially lower prices for the equipment. You can often negotiate better deals and bulk purchas
[News] Commercial Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Line Equipped with Ultrasonic Cutting Technology
A commercial ultrasonic cake cutting line equipped with ultrasonic cutting technology designed specifically for slicing cakes in commercial or industrial settings. We also provide Multifunctional Ultrasonic cake cutting lineGood quality China cake slicing machine utilizes high-frequency vibrations t
[News] Versatility Ultrasonic Cake Slicer
Versatility Ultrasonic cake Slicer
[News] High-performance Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
A high-performance ultrasonic cutting machine is a specialized tool that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to cut through various materials with precision and efficiency. Ultrasonic cutting technology offers several advantages, including clean cuts, reduced material distortion, and the ability to cut i
[News] Innovative Round Cake Cutter – A Cutting-edge Solution
Our innovative Round Cake Cutter – a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your cake production process. This cutting-edge machine is equipped with two ultrasonic blades and four cake holders strategically positioned on a round platform, allowing for the simultaneous cutting of two cakes with alternating cuts on the remaining two. Experience unparalleled efficiency with this high-speed cutting marvel that ensures continuous cutting of four cakes without compromising quality.

Why choose ultrasonic cutting?

The ultrasonic cutting machine features a high-frequency vibration of its blades, preventing products from sticking to them. Ultrasonic cutting does not require much pressure, reducing the deformation and damage of the cutting products. Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage-- the cutting part will have a fusion effect, and reduce crumbles during cutting. It is especially suitable for cutting viscous, elastic products, frozen and hard products (such as frozen cheesecake, nougat etc.), or brittle products that are difficult to cut with conventional cutting tools.

High quality titanium blades

Ultrasonic cutting machines require good quality blades, which should be in good combination of ultrasonic and mechanical properties. Titanium alloy has the best properties of hardness and high fatigue strength. Besides the correct material, the blade design must be suitable for the specific ultrasonic frequency of 20K Hz and reach the best cutting effect.

Servo-motor driven & Visualized Human-Machine Interface

Meishun ultrasonic automatic cutting machines adopt brand servo motors and PLC touchscreen. Servo motor driven can cut the products into accurate sizes. Programmable cutting schemes can cut the products into sizes and shapes as you need, such as wedge, square, rectangle, triangle, slices and rhombus.

Tailor-made cutting solutions

Meishun provides tailor made cutting solutions according to your specific requests. Please share your product features and your cutting requests with us. We will make a feasible proposal for you, and manufacture as required.
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