Ultrasonic cutting machine V.S. Traditional machine
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Ultrasonic cutting machine V.S. Traditional machine

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Traditional cutting utilizes a knife with a sharp edge that is pressed against the product being cut. It requires a relatively sharp cutting tool and a large pressure, which will cause deformation to the product and affect its cutting surface quality and dimensional accuracy. The cutting effect is not good for soft, brittle, and elastic materials, and it is more difficult for viscous and hard materials.

Ultrasonic cutting machine uses ultrasonic vibration for cutting. The distinctive feature is that it does not use traditional cutting edges. The cutting tool is usually a dunt blade made of titanium alloy. The ultrasonic cutting machine reduces the pressure on the product to be cut through high-frequency vibration, generating a flat and smooth cut surface without causing deformation or heat damage to the product. At the same time, this high-frequency vibration makes it difficult for the product to stick to the blade. And the cutting part has a fusion effect to reduce the loose organization of the cut item (such as slags and crumbles). These characteristics of ultrasonic are especially effective for cutting frozen, viscous, hard, and brittle products.

Traditional cutting machines simply rely on the mechanical motion of knives to cut the product, and the mechanical friction force is relatively large during the cutting process, which makes them have low cutting efficiency, large blade loss, short life, and troublesome maintenance.

Ultrasonic cutting machines use high-frequency wave vibration to process food quickly, and the efficiency has been greatly improved. The non-stick properties eliminate downtime for cutting blade cleaning. Moreover, the ultrasonic cutting machine is more durable and reduces production costs.

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