Handheld Ultrasonic Knife for Home Kitchen
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Handheld Ultrasonic Knife for Home Kitchen

Voltage: 220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Power: 800 W
Warranty period: 1 Year ( Lifetime maintenance )
Applicable for: frozen cakes, bread, nougat, caramel products, chocolate and more
Suitable for : home kitchen and small bakeries
Customization is available.

Product Description

This hand-held cutter uses ultrasonic blade, making it easy and effortless when cutting frozen, hard, and sticky products, such as cakes, bread, baguette, pies, tarts, nougat etc. It is suitable for home kitchen, bakery studio, small cafe, and others.

Main Features:

● Portable ultrasonic cutter;

● High quality titanium blade;

● Non sticky, non-smearing, neat and clean cutting surface;

● Suitable for home kitchen and small bakery shops;

Cutting Patterns

handheld ultrasonic knife for home kitchen 5

Cutting Dispaly

handheld ultrasonic knife for home kitchen 6

Customer Cases


Handheld Ultrasonic Knife for Home Kitchen Product Parameter

Machine Name

Ultrasonic food cutting machine

Machine Model


Electric box size

371 * 162 * 211 mm

Blade size

462 * 500 mm

Machine Weight

4.5 KG


220V/50Hz ± 10%

Rated Power

0.8 KW

Number of blades


Blade Material

Titanium alloy

Product Type

Frozen, strong, sticky, brittle, soft

Product Shape

Round; Rectangular; Loaf & Roll

Blade Washing


Machine Dimensiions (L×W×H)

handheld ultrasonic knife for home kitchen 7

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