Learn about the latest developments in cake cutting machines
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Learn about the latest developments in cake cutting machines

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In cake cutting machines, these include the use of FDA-approved food-safe materials Dough drawer for collecting waste dough Removable turntable box for easy cleaning This cartridge is responsible for depositing product directly onto the flat plate Crumb drawer for collecting dough particles during setting which ensures Keeps the production floor clean throughout the deposition process

Hopper Feeding System Dough can be easily loaded into the large hopper and processed into the machine drum, the hopper also has a mesh protective cover. High output (measured in pounds of dough processed per hour) The cake cutting machine provides high through put while reducing manual labor.Easy-to-clean design With hygiene in mind, the food cutter features a sleek stainless steel design with removable and wipeable components,

Compact Mobile Design Innovative compact design with folding input and output conveyor bases with roller bracket locking swivel. Safe operation on casters including various safety features Fully enclosed electrical components Fully enclosed dough processing transport handles

Learn about the latest developments in cake cutting machines

Cord storage is also provided to prevent tripping when not in use Auxiliary rear controls include additional emergency stop for added safety Roller locks keep pouring rollers securely in place during operation Place brush cleaning kit Use included brushes Cleaning kit to make all your cake cutting machines look like new again Machine mounted brush holder included to keep your kits within easy reach

Customizable mold rollers Customizable removable rollers Facilitate deposits onto flat pans with raised edges Slip characteristics Casting rollers for easier dough handling. This cake cutting machines is great when trying to work with harder dough types Adjustable sheet conveyor height helps reduce flyaways and ensures more accurate product placement Endless designs

Customizable rollers can be designed to your unique specifications to create a variety of products including intricately designed biscuits such as gingerbread, Danish butter biscuits, pie crusts, tarts, tarts, pastries and more, all in one System can be realized with easy-to-use interchangeable rollers

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