Ultrasonic Automatic Sponge Cake Cutting Machine
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Ultrasonic Automatic Sponge Cake Cutting Machine

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Our food cutting machine adopts a non-contact, zero-pressure cutting processing mode, which can handle sticky foods such as cream and jelly, and the surface after cutting is smooth and beautiful. At the same time, it has a fully automatic product positioning function, which can cut in circles, slices, rectangles, triangles and other ways according to needs, making your food production more flexible and diverse. The automatic conveyor belt is designed to efficiently complete food cutting, save manpower and make your production more efficient. Compact size, easy to operate, convenient for your use.

Our ultrasonic food cutting equipment can not only meet the needs of market consumers for food hygiene and safety, but also can process food quickly by using high-frequency wave vibration, avoiding the downtime of traditional cutting blades that require continuous cleaning. This cutting machine offers a new method of cutting, slicing and automatic flipping to handle a variety of food products, allowing the production process to minimize waste and reduce maintenance costs. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment uses ultrasonic energy to generate high-frequency vibrations, creating an almost friction-free surface between the blade and food, thereby eliminating issues such as sticking and squeezing. The high-frequency vibration of 20,000 times per second not only guarantees the cutting effect, but also improves the production efficiency.

Ultrasonic Automatic Sponge Cake Cutting Machine

This smart online slicer adopts ultrasonic cutting technology, which can easily and quickly cut all kinds of sticky, frozen, delicate and difficult products, such as cookies, ice cream roll cakes, pies, cheese, nougat and dough, etc. The cutting speed is up to 180 times per minute, greatly improving the production efficiency. Each slice has a clean, high-quality cut surface that enhances your product's aesthetics. In addition, the slicer can not only be produced as a stand-alone machine, but also can be fully matched with the extruder to make your production line more complete.

This ultrasonic machine is simple to operate and very convenient to use. The average speed can reach 30-180 times per minute, which makes your production faster and more efficient. Not only is it reliable and durable, but it also improves production quality, saves labor and increases productivity, all while improving product weight, quality, and consistency. Come try it out!

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