Slicing Ultrasonic Cutting in Food Industry
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Slicing Ultrasonic Cutting in Food Industry

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Ultrasonic cutting is particularly suitable for soft, frozen or fresh foods such as cheese, meat, cold meats, pastries, pastries, etc. It also works with all shapes and sizes: slabs, slices, strips, layers, rounds, blocks, loaves and more. Please continue to read below to find more interesting.  

In the acoustic component, a generator converts the electrical frequency of the network (50/60 Hz) into high-frequency electrical energy. A piezoelectric transducer (or transducer) then converts this electrical energy into mechanical vibrations of the same frequency. A booster or amplitude amplifier is used to increase or decrease the amplitude produced by the converter. It transmits energy to the last element of the acoustic chain: the ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic generator is a titanium slicing blade that vibrates at high frequencies. These vibrations create perfect slices. The slicer's ultrasonic vibrations facilitate food cutting because the blade penetrates the material without force or compression and prevents product from sticking to the cutting tool. We offer a wide range of ultrasonic food cutting machines to meet your specific needs. Our lineup includes ultrasonic food cutting machines, cake cutting machines, bread slicing machines, confectionery cutting machines, dough slicing machines, inline sheet cake cutting machines, inline vertical slicing machines, inline triangle cake cutting machines, and manual cake cutters.  

With 10+ years of experience and professional knowledge in the bakery industry, Meishun fully understands the needs of customers and provides customers with professional and stable ultrasonic food cutting solutions. Consult us anytime if you are interested in importing our products.  

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