Cake Cutting by Ultrasonic Automatic Slicer
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Cake Cutting by Ultrasonic Automatic Slicer

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Oil cakes coated with butter can still be cut neatly, Artistic oil painting style cake with irregular scratches on the surface. Retro-style cream-decorated cake, incorporating cream spatula oil painting techniques, full of layering and design. Ultrasonic cutting still performs well when it comes to butter-decorated oil cakes. The knife does not stick when handling sticky foods such as butter, jam, etc., and the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful. During the cutting process, the operation is completed automatically without manual intervention, which improves work efficiency while ensuring food hygiene.

This rich, creamy cake can be cut perfectly with the ultrasonic automatic slicer. The ultrasonic knife cuts the cream without sticking the cream. The cutting surface is smooth and neat. Automatic setting eliminates uneven slicing and secondary damage caused by human error. Subcontamination speeds up the process and saves you time. When your bakery is ready to serve butter cakes to your customers, remember to contact us anytime.

The ultrasonic cutting machine features a high-frequency vibration of its blades, preventing products from sticking to them. Ultrasonic cutting does not require much pressure, reducing the deformation and damage of the cutting products. Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage-- the cutting part will have a fusion effect, and reduce crumbles during cutting.  

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